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I've always been fascinated with make up and hair; the way it can help a person feel confident, strong or fearless, or in my case help me to mask my feelings. My relationship with makeup began when I started suffering with Psoriasis at 17 years old. At the time, there were few people who understood what it was & I would often be stared at for having large red raw patches of skin. The internet was only just invented (yes it was that long ago!!) so information was hard to find. Over the years, I figured out that I could distract people looking at my skin, by always ensuring my face always looked presentable. My psoriasis spread throughout my body & inside I struggled with this uncontrollable alien that had taken over. My medication made me gain weight, I lost about a third of my hair & ended up feeling depressed & trapped in a dark hole.

By my late 20's, I'd learnt a few techniques to manage my skin. I changed my wardrobe & started to accept my condition was never going away. I had met my wonderful husband who supported me through everything & helped me deal with my insecurities. However, our first decade of marriage wasn't destined to be smooth. In 2014, our second daughter passed away, followed by a miscarriage. I began suffering with anxiety, that I still l manage to this day. We were fortunate enough to go on to have another daughter, but I experienced horrendous post-natal depression with her. On the outside, I used makeup to pretend to the world, that I was fine, again believing that if I looked like I had it together, then maybe I could mentally get it together. Or at least that's what I hoped. It didn't work & realising that I had hit rock bottom, I sought professional help for me & my family and it saved my life!


Experimenting with different hair & make up techniques has always given me a sense of control & very often, given me the strength to leave the house. In desperate attempts to cover my Psoriasis or make my hair look thicker, I sought numerous treatments & products. You name it, I've tried it all! At the grand age of 39, I decided to take the step of providing my own hair and make up artistry service, specialising in clients with skin issues, thin hair and over the age of 40. It can be very daunting to go to a stylist when you suffer with a skin condition or feel 'too old' for makeup so I wanted to create a service to help give everyone the confidence that I needed in my special moments.

About Me : Services

So what type of style & look can you expect? Flawless, glowing yet breathable skin, teamed with beautiful timeless make up is my signature technique. We will work together to build up the coverage and look you want. When it comes to hair, I have the techniques and products to create the hairstyle you desire. I will always give you honest advice about what is achievable to make sure you're completely happy. Let's face it, there is nothing worse than running to the bathroom to take off the make up you've just paid for! 

If you have any questions, please contact me on my details on the homepage. Even if we never meet, I hope you will find some of the information on my blogs here and social media helpful x 

About Me : Text
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