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How I conquered my Psoriasis!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

For too many years, my psoriasis controlled me. It made me feel insecure, ugly, moody and depressed. In my mid-twenties, I had decided enough was enough! I wanted to take control of my skin, my mind and my life. First things first, I had to change my mindset. I was stuck in this rut of feeling as though I wasn't good enough and I hated the fact that I couldn't do or wear the same things as everyone else. I would look at dresses and cry because I was embarrassed to show my legs or resent the fact that I couldn't go on spa days.

Acceptance was the most important first step. I realised this was my new normal. It didn't matter what I said or did, psoriasis was likely to be a part of my life forever and the sooner I accepted this the better. I wrote down two lists: The first was all the things I was grateful for and the second, all the things I wished I could do. My first list helped me put things into perspective. Okay, so I had these spots, but I had a home, food on the table and a family around me - so much more than so many people in this world! Over the years, I have rewritten this list many times when I've had low points. It always brings me back to what is important and reminds me how lucky I am.

The second list allowed me to take a logical approach to the emotion I was feeling. I wrote an action next to each one I wanted to tackle in that moment. For example, I decided to only wear maxi dresses and I bought scuba diving leggings so I could take my daughters swimming. Of course, there were always things I couldn't control, such as other people's comments. To be honest, it has taken many years to develop a thick skin and believe that I am not defined by my skin. As a result, my stress levels decreased which has helped my skin in the long run.

The second step was to wean my body off the steroids. Steroids work as long as you apply them but as soon as you stop, the psoriasis normally flares up again. It was hard. My skin did flare up and it was horrible. But in the end, with a different mindset and some lifestyle changes, it did eventually settle down.

The third and final step was making much needed changes to my diet. I was putting something into my body that it didn't like and in turn, it affected my psoriasis. I tried food diaries, vitamin supplements, juicing etc. Finally, I had an allergy test and this showed up intolerances that I never knew existed! Since cutting out those foods, reducing alcohol and following an alkaline diet as much as possible, my skin is a million times better. Do I still have patches? Yes of course. But they are patches that come and go. Does my skin flare up? Yes, but like most things, you have to continuously work at it. Do I have to maintain my diet and skin? Yes, but it is a small price to pay for the wonderful people and life I have. And that is ultimately what is important!

For more information on how I live with psoriasis, follow my blogs or social media channels.

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Monica is a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in Leicester, East Midlands. She is a mother to daughters & loves all things skin and makeup related! Whilst she helps everyone feel their best, she especially enjoys working with clients over the age of 40, suffering with skin issues such as Psoriasis or thinning hair as she suffers with all of these herself! Her goal is to create looks that show her client's natural beauty and not mask them. Services range from bridal makeup to event makeup and occasion hair styling. For more details, please contact her via the contact form by clicking on

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