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Make your Makeup Hayfever proof!

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Yey, finally the sun is here! But so is my hayfever, cue constant sneezing and runny itchy eyes. Let me stress, I am a summer person but my hayfever gets so bad that I want to take my eye balls out and put them on ice. On the other hand, I refuse to give up my glam so over the years, I've learnt a few tricks to help keep my make up on all day, hayfever or no hayfever!

Use Gel Liner to line your Upper and Lower Lashline

It's time to retire your khol liner and replace it with a gel liner. A gel liner can still be smudged with a brush or your finger, but it won't move when you sneeze. Many gel liners are also waterproof making them perfect if your eyes run.

Illamasqua Gel Liner


Use a Matt Concealer as a base for your Eyeshadow

There are many different concealers in the market. Some are hydrating which are perfect for under the eye and if you have fine lines. However in the summer, you are more likely to have sweat or oil around your eyes, and this is when you need to switch to a matt finish concealer. The drier finish will stop your eyeshadow from moving or slipping during the day. You can also use the more matt finish concealer as part of your contouring routine in more oilier areas, for example on the nose bridge.

Revolution Concealer

Waterproof Mascara is the way!!

If you're not using waterproof mascara, then you need to NOW! Regardless of whether you are doing a natural or more glamorous make up look, waterproof mascara helps your eyelashes to stay curled and doesn't budge when your eyes run.

L'Oreal Waterproof Paradise Mascara

Prime Prime Prime!

Primer is essential to enable your skin makeup to stay on all day. There are so many primers out there, but my favourite trick is to use two primers with different properties. For example, my skin is naturally on the drier side, so I use a hydrating primer on my cheeks, forehead and chin, and a mattifying primer on my T zone to control the areas I'm most likely to sweat or oil out.

Smashbox Oil & Shine Control

Prepare for Hayfever before Application

How many times have you put your foundation on and realised you needed to blow your nose? You look at your face and all the foundation has slipped, undoing all your hard work! Take your antihistamine and blow your nose before starting your makeup and put a little Vaseline around your nostrils. I know it doesn't sound great but trust me, it works!

Set that Baby!

Finally when you're done with your makeup, use a setting spray to hold everything in its place! A setting spray will just finish your makeup look off and help it to last all day.

Morphe Setting Spray

To all you hayfever sufferers, good luck getting through these summer months! If you need me, I'll be in the garden in full glam drinking a margarita! x

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Monica is a Professional Hair and Makeup Artist based in Leicester, East Midlands. She is a mother to daughters & loves all things skin and makeup related! Whilst she helps everyone feel their best, she especially enjoys working with clients over the age of 40, suffering with skin issues such as Psoriasis or thinning hair as she suffers with all of these herself! Her goal is to create looks that show her client's natural beauty and not mask them. Services range from bridal makeup to event makeup and occasion hair styling. For more details, please contact her via the contact form by clicking on

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